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Ghasemi : Hoisting any flag in Kirkuk except Iraq’s national flag mounts tension
Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Ghasemi said on Monday that hoisting any flag except Iraqs national flag in Kirkuk in Northern Iraq, runs counter to the country’s constitution and will mount tension.
 17:41 - 03/04/2017 - Comments : 0More >>
Iran sympathizes on Colombia, Indonesia landslides
Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qasemi expressed grief over the sad occasion of Colombia and Indonesia landslides which caused killing and missing of dozens of people.
 08:51 - 3/04/2017 - Comments : 0More >>
Iran urges US to give up imparting wrong info on causes of terrorism
Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Ghasemi on Saturday urged US officials to stop giving wrong information on root causes and sources of terrorism.
 16:19 - 01/04/2017 - Comments : 0More >>
Iran condemns terrorist attack in Pakistan
Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Ghasemi condemned the suicide attack in the Parachinar region of Pakistan which claimed the lives of several people on Friday.
 10:59 - 01/04/2017 - Comments : 0More >>
Iran respects states sovereignty, non-interference in domestic affairs: Spokesman
Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Ghasemi , in reaction to the final statement of Arab League summit meeting, expressed regret and dissatisfaction over repeating useless and false claims on Islamic Republic of Iran and said Iran’s policy is to respect states’ sovereignty and non-interference in domestic affairs of other countries.
 15:55 - 30/03/2017 - Comments : 0More >>

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