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News > Iran calls for putting an end to bloodshed in Yemen

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Iran calls for putting an end to bloodshed in Yemen

On the second anniversary of aggression of the so-called coalition forces led by Saudi Arabia against Yemen, Irans Foreign Ministry issued a statement on Sunday to strongly condemn the blatant warmongering and called for putting an end to the devastating war and bloodshed in the country at the earliest.

It is two years after waging a devastating and inconclusive war on people in Yemen claiming lives of thousands of women and children. According to inernational organizations, over 18 million of Yemeni civilians are in dire need of humanitarian aid and some eight million people mainly children suffer malnutrition, famine and hunger, said the statement.

Deliberate destruction of the countrys infrastructures under fabricated motto of returning hope to the country and continued bombardment of medical and educational centers are parts of this oppressive war, it said.

There is no doubt that continuation of this situation will not only be harmful to the countries in the region but will lead to regional instability and insecurity, the statement read.

The vacuum of power in the country due to military confrontation has created grounds for growth of terrorism and increase in the number of their activities in various parts of the country and this will threaten peace, stability and security of the region and the international community, it said.

The Islamic Republic of Iran underlines its proposed four-article plan to stop conflict and bloodshed, dispatch of relief aid, removal of the unjust siege and unfair economic sanctions imposed on people in Yemen, and calls for establishment of a political dialogue and formation of a national unity government and urges the international community to spare no efforts to alleviate pains and sufferings of people in Yemen mainly those of children and women, read the statement.


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