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News > Zarif marks Persian Gulf National Day, urges co-op between littoral states

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Zarif marks Persian Gulf National Day, urges co-op between littoral states

“Regional countries are able to meet their interests and shield themselves against threats through cooperation,” Zarif said in an article on the occasion.

The Persian Gulf National Day is an occasion to celebrate the exit of colonial and foreign forces from the region. However, this vital waterway continues to suffer from major powers’ interventions as well as their destructive role in waging wars and crises. 

As its strategic policy, the Islamic Republic of Iran highlights the importance of the regional countries’ competence to run their affairs.

The Persian Gulf littoral countries have the right to decide independently short of foreign meddling. 

Joint cooperation is required in the Persian Gulf region to create mechanisms in order to use opportunities, counter threats and challenges, prevent foreign intervention, preserve regional security, guarantee free shipping and bridge differences on the basis of honoring national sovereignty and territorial integrity of nations. 

The Government of Prudence and Hope (the Rouhani administration) seeks dialogue and cooperation on the basis of its strategic policy to prioritize relations with neighbors and a reliance on its national power.

It is essential to stop unilateral approaches in favor of regional stability and balanced development.  The Persian Gulf region must not turn into conflict hotbed. 

Despite difference, the Persian Gulf can turn into a sea of friendship.

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