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Multiple Exit Stamp


  • Multiple exit permit is issued for the purpose of facilitation of the process of travelling back and forth , for Iranian foreign residents, and can only be done thought the embassies of the Islamic republic of Iran.
  • Iranians that are not under obligation of Military service, and who possess a credible residence abroad, can apply for the issuance of a Multiple exiting permit.
  • Iranians obligated to do Military service, should refer to the page "Changing of Residence location & single exit permit".

PLEASE NOTE: As of 1/9/1386 (22/11/2007), entry and departure stamps are no longer imprinted in passports. Iranian, whose passports state that their location of residence is not Irani, may have multiple trips to Iran, under the condition that their -stay does not exceed one year..

Required documents

  • 2 filled out copies of forms [ 103 ] and [ 105 ] , for changing place of residence, and issuance of multiple exiting permit.(for citizens under no Military service obligation )
  • Original and photocopy of the Certificate of Completion of Military Service or Exemption from Service. (for those born after 1950) 
  • The original and photocopy of passport from the first 8 pages(old passports), as well as photocopies of pages related to last visit and departure from Iran.(pages 1-5 for new passports)
    *In case the last departure date of the companions in the passport are stated in a different passport, then that passport must also be available along with the other documents hereby stated.
  • A photocopy of residence permit, or one of the citizenship card along with that of the their Passport. (Front and bac.(only for married women applicants)
  • Two 3x4cm passport photos taken within the past six month, (Including a full face, front view, open eyes, a plain white background & without a hat, glasses or neck scarves). According to the regulations of the IRI, women applicants should be wearing head scarves. [Note: Applicant should also remember to include their personal details on the backside of the passport photos.]




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