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Terms of reference of the Department of Social Affairs

1-Handeling all the cases of relevance to Iranian prisoner s abroad including:
-Consular, political and legal support in the framework of Vienna Convention with the view to acquire the inmate amnesty and release.
- Inquiry about the prisoners trial situation and the courts verdict.
- Facilitating the meeting of the first-degree relatives with the prisoner (obtaining visa).
- Hiring local lawyer to defend the rights of the Iranian nationals in the judiciary courts in other countries.
-Introducing the prisoner‘s family to local relief organizations. (i.e. Imam Khomeini Relief Foundation) as well as their male child who is at the conscription age to the Military Service Department for issuance of exemption.
2- Inquiry about the situation of Iranian nationals abroad.
3- Handling all cases of relevance to foreign prisoners in Iran and to obtain information about them.
4- Handling all the cases of relevance to the patients introduced by the High Medical Council to seek medical treatment abroad (obtaining visa, appointment with the physician and hospital in the host country, endorsing the documents related to treatment costs.
5- Handling the financial disputes between Iranian legal and real persons with foreign legal and real persons and vis versa.
6- Holding presidential elections abroad.
7- Handling all the cases related to clearing personal items of resident Iranians from Costumes.
8- Channelizing the cash donations and financial assistances offered by overseas Iranians.
9- Delivering the recovered lost items in other countries to their true owners.
10- Gathering the information required by domestic organs.
11- Handling all the case related to Iranians travelers in distress.




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