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Renouncing your Iranian Nationality

According to Article 988 of the Civil Code of the IslamicRepublic of Iran:

"Iranian nationals cannot abandon their nationality except on the following conditions:

1 - That they have reached the full age of 25.

2 - That the Council of Ministers has allowed the renunciation of their Iranian nationality.

3 - That they have previously undertaken to transfer within one year from the date of the renunciation of Iranian nationality, by some means, the rights that they possess 0r may acquire by inheritance, on landed properties in Iran, to Iranian Nationals (Even if Iranian laws may have allowed the possession of the same properties by foreign nationals).The wife and children of the person who renounces his/her nationality, according to this Article do not lose their Iranian nationality, whether the children are minors 0r adults, unless the permission of the Council of Ministers allows them to renounce their nationality.

4 - That they have completed their national military service.

Note A -Those who may venture to apply for the renunciation of their Iranian nationality
according to this Article in favour of a foreign nationality must, besides carrying out the
stipulations of Clause 3 of this Article, leave Iran within three months. If they fail to do
so ,the proper authorities will issue Deportation Orders for their expulsion and the sale of
their properties. The above-mentioned prescribed period of grace may be extended
subject to the approval of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs up to a maximum period of one

Note B - The Council of Minister may, in the course of approving the renunciation of
nationality by an unmarried Iranian woman, also approve of the renunciation of the
nationality of her children, provided that they are without their father 0r paternal grandfather
and are less than 18 years of age, 0r otherwise lack legal capacity. Also her children of
less than 25 years of age can renounce their nationality in conformity with their mothers
request for renunciation of nationality. "

Required Documents:

3 copies of application form for Renunciation of Nationality, filled out and undersigned by the applicant.
(If applicable) 3 copies of application treated as stated above, by the applicants spouse.
An undersigned and filled out copy of tax, customs, and banking letter of recognizance.
Another copy of the above document, undersigned by the applicants spouse.
A filled-out and undersigned copy of the questionnaire for Nationality Renunciation applicants.
Another copy of above stated document undersigned by applicants spouse.
15 6x4cm ID photos (along with negatives) taken within the past six month, (Including a full face, front view, white background, open eyes, without a hat, glasses 0r neck scarves, with the exception of headscarves(hijab for women)). [The individuals personal details must be inscribed on the back of every piece of photo]
8 6x4cm profile ID photos.(Along with the negatives, and with identical conditions as stated above )
15 6x9cm group photos of applicant with his spouse and children who intend to renounce their nationality. (Including the negatives)
Original Iranian Birth Certificate (Shenasname) of applicant, and spouse and/0r children (under 25), and a set of 7 photocopies all the filled out pages within the document.
Original copy and 2 photocopies of the certificate of Termination 0r Exemption of Conscription to Military Service.
The applicant and his/her spouses Iranian passport along with 2 photocopies of each filled out page within the travel document.
2 copies the finger prints of applicant and his/her spouse and that of their children(above 15 years of age)
A State Letter of acceptance and approval from the host country whose nationality the applicant wishes to acquire, and a photocopy of this document.
Bank receipt indicating the transfer of the required fees for the validation and approval of 3copies of the individuals application forms, and 3 copies of those of his/her spouse.(In local currency)
A second bank receipt for the transfer of validation fees for the applicant and his/her spouses recognizance letters.


*Click here to download the application form for Renunciation of Iranian Nationality

*Click here to download the Recognizance Letter form

*Click here to download the Questionnaire for Renunciation of Iranian Nationality


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