15 December 2019
2019/07/28 - 08:32
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Spokesman’s Reaction to Execution of Bahraini Protestors

Spokesman for Iran’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs Seyyed Abbas Mousavi has reacted to the Bahraini government’s recent measure to execute a number of protestors in that country.

In a Saturday statement, Mousavi pointed to the reports about the confession under duress and torture, the unfair trial of the executed protestors, and the international calls on Bahrain to halt the executions, saying, “The Bahraini government’s sectarian measure to execute the protestors reveals that the Bahraini government is still insisting on its wrong policy of suppression of protestors instead of choosing the path to rationality and trying to resolve the self-inflicted crisis through reconciliation with the people.”
The Foreign Ministry spokesman also touched on the documented evidence for and the Bahraini government’s record in employing extremist groups and the terrorist elements of al-Qaeda for eliminating the opposition figures, adding, “The execution of protestors on various pretexts is a continuation of the same previous approach, with the difference being that this time, the government has personally undertaken to carry out the policy of elimination of protestors instead of cooperating with the terrorist groups.”

“Intensification of security-policing approaches would not help settle the crisis in Bahrain,” he concluded.

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