17 February 2020
2019/10/04 - 14:05
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Spokesman’s Reaction to France’s Comments on Iranian National

Foreign Ministry Spokesman Seyyed Abbas Mouavi has reacted to interventionist remarks by French Foreign Ministry spokeswoman regarding an Iranian national.

“The dual nationality of Iranian citizens is not recognized by the Islamic Republic of Iran’s law; therefore, Ms Adelkhah is regarded as an Iranian national,” Mousavi said in a Friday statement.
“As an Iranian, she enjoys all recognized citizen rights for Iranian nationals,” he added.
The spokesman said the Iranian Judiciary is carefully pursuing the case of Ms Adelkhah within the framework of Iran’s fair trial law, and the French Foreign Ministry’s interference in the case of Iranian nationals has no justification.
“The move not only will not help the resolution of the issue, but also would further complicate the trial procedure,” he added.
Mousavi said the move by the French government is considered as interference in the internal affairs of Iran and is unacceptable.

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