17 February 2020
2019/10/08 - 14:14
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Statement on Recent Developments in Syria

The Foreign Ministry of the Islamic Republic of Iran has released a statement on the recent developments in Syria.

Describing as illegitimate the presence of American troops in Syria, the Foreign Ministry of the Islamic Republic of Iran considers the United States’ decision to end its occupation of Syrian territories and withdraw its forces from the Arab country as a measure that must have been taken much earlier.
Expressing hope for the establishment of peace and stability in Syria and the region following the recent move by the US, the Foreign Ministry of the Islamic Republic of Iran is closely monitoring the worrying reports about the possibility of Turkish military forces entering the Syrian territories, and believes such a move, in case of occurrence, would not only fail to address Turkey’s security concerns, but also will inflict heavy material and humanitarian damages.
Accordingly, the Islamic Republic of Iran is opposed to any possible military operation.
The Islamic Republic of Iran stands ready to make immediate contacts with the Turkish and Syrian officials in order to address the existing concerns in a peaceful manner, and stresses that respect for Syria’s national sovereignty and territorial integrity as well as the Adana agreement would be the appropriate basis for the negotiations.

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