12 December 2019
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2019/11/14 - 17:14
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President felicitates the Prophet’s (PBUH) birthday to Islamic nations

The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran congratulated the birthday of Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) to the governments and people of Islamic nations in separate messages addressed to their leaders.

Addressing the leaders of Islamic countries, Dr Hassan Rouhani emphasised, "We are proud to be among the ummah of the Prophet, who is the messenger of peace and mercy to all people around the world”.

In these congratulatory messages, the President expressed hope that by following the lofty teachings of the Prophet (PBUH), we will be followers who bring security, justice and reconciliation to the world, especially the Islamic countries.

Dr Rouhani has also wished the leaders of the Islamic nations health and success and the people of these countries prosperity and felicity.

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