15 November 2019
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Spokesman’s Reaction to Reports of Dutch Role in Cyber-Attack on Iran

The Spokesperson for Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran has reacted to a new report about the Dutch intelligence agency’s possible role in a cyber-attack against Iran’s Natanz nuclear site.

Commenting on a report that the Netherlands’ intelligence agency may have been involved in an act of sabotage against Iran’s Natanz nuclear site with the Stuxnet virus, Seyyed Abbas Mousavi said on Tuesday, “This report is being carefully examined by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and by our country’s Embassy in the Netherlands.”
“In this regard, Director General for Western Europe of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs had a meeting this morning (September 3, 2019) with Deputy Directorate General for Political Affairs of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, who is Tehran in a pre-planned trip, and expressed the Islamic Republic’s concern and sensitivity in the meeting with the Dutch delegation and that country’s ambassador to Tehran.”
“The Dutch delegation, in response, has declared that it would convey the issue to the government of the Netherlands,” he added.

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