5 December 2019
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Foreign Ministry’s Statement on Palestine Land Day

Iran’s Foreign Ministry has released a statement on the occasion of the Land Day of Palestine, censuring the crimes Israel commits against Palestinians.

Here is the full text of the statement released on Friday

In the history and culture of Palestinians’ struggles and resistance, the Land Day is a turning point that has played an important role in keeping alive their resistance against the occupation of the Zionist regime.

Since 1976, when the seeds of resistance were planted for the first time in the occupied territories, much innocent blood of the oppressed people were shed to nourish the solid tree of resistance. As a result, the Land Day is an integral part of the political life and struggles of the oppressed Palestinian people. Ithas been shaped and has persisted in protest against violence, racial discrimination, confiscation of lands, destruction of villages and displacement of Palestinians. 

The acts of the President of the United States over the past year to recognise Jerusalem al-Quds as the capital of the Zionist regime, the relocation of the US embassy to this city, and his latest move to recognise the sovereignty of the fake and illegal Israeli regime over the occupied Golan Heights as well as his attempts to complete his so-called "Deal of the Century" reveal the fact that the resistance of the Palestinians against the Zionist regime is a right move. Therefore, the Land Day is one of its symbols, and the region"s resistance movement needs to keep it alive. 

In addition, the US government"s acts in violation of the UN Security Council"s resolutions to support the Zionist regime,which are in contradiction of international laws and principles,have led to the international communitystrong opposition, and have proved that the efforts of some Arab states in the region to normalise ties with this regime are useless. 

It also revealed that the overt and covert attempts to establish relations with this regime has no bearing on the rights of the Palestinians and putting an end to the occupation of Arab-Islamic lands; therefore, they should give up such illusions.

In pursuit of defending the Palestinian cause, the Islamic Republic of Iran vehemently condemns the criminal acts of the Zionist regime and the illogical US support of this regime which are completely against the international rules and principles.

The Islamic Republic believes that the establishment of a lasting and just peace in the region would only be possible throughcontinuation of resistance to completely end the occupation. [It will be achieved through] the return of all displaced people to their homeland, the establishment of the future Palestinian stateon the basis of a referendum with the participation of all its main inhabitants and finally the formation of a unified Palestinian state with Jerusalem al-Quds as its capital. 


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