17 February 2020
2019/07/23 - 13:21
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Spokesman Condemns Violence, Use of Force against Nigeria Protesters

Iran’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman Seyyed Abbas Mousavi has expressed deep concern over the recent unrest and clashes in the Nigerian capital Abuja.

In a statement on Tuesday, Mousavi condemned violence and the use of force against demonstrators taking part in Monday protest rallies.
He touched upon the worsening health condition of Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky, and said it has been more than two months since the medical team reported Zakzaky and his wife needed immediate medical treatment abroad.
“Nigerian authorities are expected to immediately get Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky out of the detention centre and provide him with access to proper medical services,” the spokesman said.
Highlighting the need for preserving security and stability and restoring peace in Nigeria, Mousavi appealed for calm by both sides, and urged Nigerian officials to exercise restraint.
He further called on authorities to speed up the trend of Zakzaky’s treatment and ease worries about his deteriorating health condition. He also called for a negotiated settlement of existing problems.

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