15 December 2019
2019/08/02 - 02:58
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Iranian Delegation to Astana Talks Meets Lebanese, Iraqi Teams

Members of the Iranian delegation to Astana Talks have held talks with Lebanese and Iraqi teams in the Kazakh capital of Nur-Sultan.

Iranian Foreign Minister’s Senior Assistant in Special Political Affairs Ali-Asghar Khaji and his accompanying delegation, who were in Nur-Sultan for the 13th meeting of Astana process, held separate meetings with the heads of delegations from Lebanon and Iraq, who have for the first time taken part in the Astana process negotiations as observers.
Pointing to the fact that Lebanon and Iraq are neighbours of Syria and are affected by the Syrian crisis, particularly in terms of security and displaced persons, Khaji said, “The Islamic Republic of Iran has been calling for Lebanon and Iraq’s membership in the Astana process since the beginning of the process.”
Heads of the Iraqi and Lebanese delegations also applauded the Islamic Republic of Iran’s role in assisting their nations in the fight against terrorism as well as its efforts to help the displaced return home and to pave the way for Iraq and Lebanon to get involved in the Astana process.

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